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    @Lizuap Ahhh I see, thank you anyway!

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    @trash Do you think you could help me get this one?

    Bento's VRChat Crocodile

    🐊Get ready to take a bite...🐊And chomp down into these fresh new Crocodile avatars for VR Chat! Fully pre-built and ready to upload, these reptiles are sure to be the star of the show with all their clothing and body slider options!Made by Bento!Public discord for Bento avatars Requirements:Unity 2019.4.31 Or here for more info: https://docs.vrchat.com/docs/current-unity-version#section-unity-hubVR Chat SDK 3.0Poiyomi Shaders (the proper version is included in ZIP, please use that one) FEATURES:Toggleable clothes! Including options for 2 different tops, a pair of pants, a pair of shorts, a vest, and Sunglasses. 2 different premade color patterns available for each piece of clothing!2 versions of the avatar, one with breasts and one without.Quick menu sliders that allow you to change your body type for thick and thin, low and high muscles, thin and wide hips, belly, and nose shape (for gators and gharials) that can be adjusted on the fly in game!3 premade colors for the body! Visemes for vocal animations8 fun facial expressions with gesture and menu controlsIncluded files for Blender, Photoshop, and Substance PainterFullbody tracking supportedMedium Level performance================================================LicenseThe assets are provided as is and without warranty. In no event shall the author be liable for any claim, damages, or other liabilities arising from, out of or in connection with these assets.RightsThese assets can be modified, uploaded, and used for personal use.Commissions can be sold to modify, reskin, or customize these assets for another person so long as both parties have purchased the assets (both the commissioner AND the commissionee).RestrictionsYou may not share any assets, as is or modified, unless both parties have purchased the assets.The assets provided may not be resoldDo not remove the artist's creditDo not use these assets for any purposes of hate, bigotry, or to cause harm. This includes but is not limited to, modification of these assets, or using the assets themselves in association with such purposes.


    Gumroad (bentobox.gumroad.com)

    I found its Download on VRmodels but there's no texture files in it and I want to be able to make my sona with it as one of his forms is an Anthro Croc

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    first you need unity version 2020.3.0f1
    once you have it open, add these three unity files to the project
    PB2DB converts physbones to dynamic bones as the exporter doesn't recognize them.
    anyway once you have those three added you can add a model to the project,
    and then use the pmx export to put the model into A pose then you can rename facial morphs so that mmd will recognize them, after that you can save the model. it's fairly easy to do a quick conversion.
    However there are times when the physics are so bad they need to be scrapped in pmxEditor.
    Also if there are too many morphs you'll gave to delete some otherwise mmd will crash.

    you can use the blender plugin mmdtools but i think it is inferior because it doesn't rename the bones, so the model wont work with motions if the bones are not named correctly.
    I have the proper documentation somewhere on how to convert vrc model, i'll have a look and see if i can find it.

    here instructions on how to convert models https://workupload.com/file/gp4afjTkRr6

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    I am bumping.

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    Would appreciate it

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    @ImThatCC here is just a little snippet of my experience with that 'sack of stuff'.


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