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  • Remove downvoting?

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  • New Public Chatrooms

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  • Updates on the "Recognizing Efforts" Topic

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    @PrIsMaTiSm It's a bit challenging, which is why I've been handling it manually. We're currently exploring ways for the person who created a topic to mark the comment containing the desired assets and have it pinned to the top. Perhaps we can even automate the process of moving it to the relevant section of the forums when pinned. It will require some time, but we're working to finding a solution.

    @Asira, it's just Angel and me on the forums. We'll see if it's worth doing all of that. So far, nobody's complaining, which is good.

    @eiron @elinkabelzinka, This was also one of my ideas. We could assign a special tag to users who have a reputation of over 100 and provide them with credit rewards. There's always a risk of people exploiting the system by constantly upvoting their friends' comments or creating fake accounts. If we decide to go ahead, we'll keep a close eye on it and ban anyone who abuses it.

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    @SpookyVersace Glad to hear you guys like these ideas! I also think it could be a good idea to remind new users, even if it's just a pinned topic that can't accept replies in the looking for section. I also would love to make it easier on the admins so they don't have to look for solved topics themselves.

    Separately, I think deleting topics is still relevant imo. I've done it when a topic had little interest over a long period of time (a few months with less than 3 others interested for example) or I ended up purchasing the asset myself and I have sent messages to the users who were interested. The ability to delete topics may also get someone out of trouble if a creator asks them to take it down. Not everyone deletes topics for the same reason I do though, so I can understand the debate on allowing deletion or not.