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    @Aloice21 omg tyyyyyyyyyy

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    Hello, I was mostly wondering if anyone could help, give advice or even link videos for putting clothing on the Mamehinata avatar. Been running into some trouble but I am mostly new to this. What I am trying to do though is put on different clothing and have toggles for the item of clothing to be taken off. I just want the avatar to become very customizable, but I have no idea if I could even make that happen.

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    If you are looking for something like booth but for only live2d models there is

    Sadly this site is only in japanese so I recommend to use chrome with their build-in translator.

    You can buy already made models or make a commision.

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    @XIXTheSus Sorry for the incoming long post. From what's implied in some of the comment sections of gonso-effected models on the VR Models website, A small handful had suggested messing with the FX layer by just deleting it and rebuilding it from there. The script seems to interact with the FX layer, but that could be outdated news by now, if Gonsodanny has probably already patched it out. 🤔

    Keep in mind that most creators that support Gonso are definitely not doing it out of purely innocent intentions as they claim to. They break their own terms of service by checking all file-sharing forums like a possessed angry goblin with rabies, who do actually have many secret accounts on all these sites. Just because they create their own inconsistent TOS across multiple places, they don't need to follow it.

    For instance, I noticed Aurl might be using something that seems similar to Gonso based on install instructions for her newer models, as seen in Mileena since she is now using the protection system by naba. I'm not sure if that's old news, and I haven't found enough public feedback just yet to see if it's just like the equivalent of a broken Denuvo clone in the community.

    I find it important that any reviews, especially negative experiences and constructive criticism, aren't easily deleted by the creator. Seeing as it has been a few months, more sites are allowing legally paying customers to add comments to their reviews. I just hope creators can't rig it in their favour, maliciously defeating the purpose of such a system.

    I've seen Lord of the Flies, enough memes of the French Revolution, and Game of Thrones to know what happens when you blatantly don't follow the rules you force on anything that moves just because you're higher up on the hierarchy ladder as a 'leader'. Eventually, you will be metaphorically cannibalised by your own blindly loyal followers for baiting them, showing off a lavish lifestyle right in front of them, and treating them like they're too stupidly naive to know any better.

    Without spoiling Game of Thrones too much to amuse the few people in this thread, this one lord that lives in his village with only his harem of forced daughter wives, like a gender-reversed all female smurf town, who got outsmarted by a group of freezing cold, injured, starving armed group of soldiers in one episode. After they got fed up with him tormenting them about how good his food is, claiming how much better he is compared to any man, and egotistically boasting that his daughter wives are only supposed to have eyes for him.

    Speaking of hypocritical actions and unreasonable expectations, I am fully aware some creators pirate their assets or other people's avatars anyway; they don't bother verifying if an asset was ripped or carbon copied (cough Daisy by LividLily cough) or intentionally put themselves into financial hardship, expecting people to fix their intentional incompetence despite clearly disclosing they are legally a fully grown adult. The fronta lobe is already fully developed... run away and don't return.

    The last time I saw a creator come into here with a clearly planned motive to abuse people was Moon Goldfish, telling the typical sob story about being a poor higher education student with an IRL job. Mind you, I witnessed her accidentally project and indirectly let it slip with the heavy implication that she was determined to be like the creators like the bright-eyed gal she is to girl-boss and gate-keep her way too close to the sun like the poetic fable of Icarus. I'd praise the enthusiasm initally to be polite but uhh... the 180 degree switch up gave me whiplash

    Try to manipulate their user base into financially supporting their entire life, where they'd do this avatar creator full-time, expecting a successful six-figure income just like some of the toxic popular creators do assuming vrchat will last forever remaining popular. Too bad she won't owe up to her immature foul behaviour scared shitless her paying customers will find out eventually by mass editing/deleting her comments on this specific thread and has been spam nuking DMCA reports behind the scenes on file share links for the past few days like a coward. It's not that hard to genuinely apologise for being a biggus dickkus because we all have done an embarassing screw ups we regret.

    I do feel bad having to resort to piracy when i was a little kid due to not being allowed to demo something or having to proritise keeping myself healthy because i was not born in a higher socio-economic family like most folks which isn't hard to relate to. Collecting low bitrate mp3s, low spec games that could hardly run on my family pc and avoiding asking for much to avoid being labelled a spoilt brat. However, as soon as i realized more than well over half the western vr creator community does not give a flying fuck how kind and supportive you are. Even if you wasted your life saving as a adult buying everything in their shops legally and following their rules without fail... guess what?? It will still never be good enough, will still shame you to stop being so poor by always asking for more and you're framed as no longer a good person not being able to support every single project. I have no clue how to keep up becuase i know i'm not a golden goose that lays golden eggs as much as i wish it so.... at the same time i know that's putting an unrealistic expecatation on myself FML 😵

    By default, I have to not give creators the benefit of the doubt because I have been tricked into supporting various people before and ended up regretting it, finding out too late their sweet words do not match their actions. Wanting to be well off enough to support yourself independently while enjoying the occasional spurge is a completely mature and normal goal anyone has. However, it is not mature doing malicious shit to potential customers.

    My current theory at the moment is that I bet some of these gullible creators get this naive idea in their heads incidently after watching YouTube videos similar to The True Secret World of VRChat Avatar Creation by Derafog, hearing how financially successful the top western vtubers are. Lastly, being influenced by amateur SW who advertise spam their lewd shit on complete strangers' social media posts they never consented to, who intentionally lie about how safe and successful 🌽 or sugar baby work is.

    I apologise for the detour ramblings loosely related to this topic. I'm just passionate in regard to certain things and cannot fathom why the hell anyone could be bothered wasting their energy treating every single stranger on the internet calllously for no genuuinely valid reason

    Not only that, but I am not sure if I am out of touch as an adult myself because I live like a cosy homebody, enjoying my peace. Honestly, what is the difference between genuinely disadvantaged customers that try to legally do the right thing but have to resort to other means because their favourite creator keeps inflating their prices more and more as time goes on. Being told rudely condescending to just deal with it or get the fuck out?? In contrast to the creator, where they seem to have this weirdly naive stubbornness wanting everything to be perfect for themselves and their nepotism clique, like they have horse blinders fused to their skull??

    The depressing part is watching newbie creators go through an all-too-common character arc where they just end up losing their media literacy and emotional intelligence to empathise. Like all the problems of the world only strictly exist in their world (sometimes they white knight randomly to show off) and not ours, assuming we live perfect lives. For me, I haven't had much luck having more positive experiences than bad ones. All it's taught me is that creators expect me to be obscenely rich like Elon Musk, like a fountain of infinite resources. Just blindly accept their poor decisions and weird behaviour like a yes man. Don't think, just consume until they throw you away like an abused toy, then let the next person screw you over with no protests. Rinse and repeat.

    Some of these western VR creators are more passionate about witch hunts and doing everything to handicap their audience, making them jump through unnecessarily hoops for their entertainment to see how far they can get away with it. Making them fight over a limited discount code, limited time models or assets, and hiding big sales, discounts, and giveaways in their gate kept private discord severs. Treating everything like the modern inspiration of Lord of the Flies just for engagement farming to boast about their server capacity. Rather than being a respectful, sane business and advertising it on social media and in their public shops like everyone else. They have no valid excuse to complain when they prosecute and isolate customers who try to support them in droves.

    If their enthusiastic passion was genuinely invested in something more legitimately useful, like kicking out genuinely dangerous and unethically criminal behaviour. The vrchat dev team hierarchy wouldn't still be full of paedophiles, incompetent staff, and general predators who should be realistically locked away in a maximum security jail by now.

    NAH, that's too hard and would rather waste their energy white knighting each other like the vrchat devs do, claiming along the lines of 'after our thorough investigations, we discovered there were no violations this person committed' Schick, and guilt trip the disadvantaged folks because it seems to come off almost like am unhealthy obsession or bizzare kink these essentric people have. You know what they say... birds of a feather flock together 🤦

    By the way, maybe just in case. I'm happy to edit this thread to focus on counterproductive so-called anti-piracy scripts in general that do more harm than good to make it easier for the audience to find. Sort of like a master list? We have to be proactive in informing people about shady shit being hand-fisted into products that can't be opted out of, so toxic creators can't take advantage of people as easily. Seeing as suspicious, creators can't censor what people on a random forum say.

    Worse case, I can create a separate thread to edit over time to help people bump into eventually to guide them which creators not to buy from. I too feel that empathetic sense of buyer's remorse angst seeing someone else get unfairly ripped off and then blacklisted just because they got delivered a faulty product, which goes against some online retail TOS if you do some digging around. You're actually not suppose to maliciously publish faulty items and avoid allowing refunds depending how its committed. I once had to refund a game that wasn't working properly on steam and ended up having to use the ubisoft's client. Big Oof 😬

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