Beginner Tutorial


In this Tutorial you will learn how to convert a pre-compiled vrca into unity friendly assets. It's not possible to edit an Avatar otherwise.

Prerequisites (Optional)


Convert VRCA

You have to convert the VRCA before you continue.

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Import into Unity

If the VRCA converter on the website finished you will get a zip file you Unpack it with compression unpacker you have (winrar, 7-Zip etc...). After unpacking the zip you get folders Video. Head over to a new Unity Project and Right Click Assets and select Show in Explorer and drag and drop the folders from the Zip into the Asset Folder that way.

Good to know:
  • Animation Layers and Animations will Mostly Break
Tutorials to continue with:

-Following this tutorial you should be able to get Working Unity Files. for questions Join this Discord server Ripperstore Discord Server

where did the vrca converter on ripperstore go?