How to Remove Missings Scripts easily Tutorial


In this Tutorial i will show you how to Remove Missing Mono Scripts easily with 1 Script


Missing Script Remover Translated Version

Placing the Prefab

After your done with the Beginner Tutorial you put your Prefab which can be find in Asset_Bundles and put that Prefab in your Scene Hierarchy19250003-955e-44d7-ab6b-c7027002a7e9-image.png

Importing the Missing Script Remover

Now you import the Missing Script Remover that is link in the top and start Importing it under the Prerequisites.

How to use the Missing Script Remover

Head to the top and search for the tab called RiClothes and open MissingRemover

Now you drag and drop the Prefab in there and Start the Script
Here is a Gif how to do that Click me

Important Notes:
  • Originial Code belongs to the owner here is a link to him Click me

-Following this tutorial you should be able to remove every Missing Mono Script with 1 Click from your Avatar. for questions Join this Discord server Ripperstore Discord Server

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