Ripperstore ID

Hi, I was wondering if there was anyway for you to take down the ID downloader. Alot of people are using it the wrong way and I was wondering if you would be willing to take it down.

Hello, could you please elaborate how people use it the wrong way?



A couple of people are ripping avatars that are commissions and costed money from people. Alot of a single community is getting upset about this and we wanted to know if there was anyway to take down the Avatar IDs. People are taking the IDS of private avatars and are putting it into the Avatar ID downloader and using it to rip the avatar. The avatar IDs are found on VRChat's website and on VRChatTracker app.

It's been causing a couple of legal problems because someone has done so for an Avatar that was cost someone money. Alot of avatars have been privated or taken down due to such and people's comfort avatars or DID/MPD alter avatars have been taken away.

I know it's not my place to ask this I just wanted to know if there was anyway to take down the ID downloader just so that Avatar creators don't take away people's comforts.

Thank you so much for your time if you read this. ❤