VRC SDK Broken After Importing Model

After importing a model using the avatar ID to VRCA and then transferring this to a zip file then importing it to unity my VRCSDK3 has stopped working entirely, I'm unable to see the VRC control panel at the top and the console is full of errors surrounding the sdk3, my theory for this is because im using an avatar that was uploaded on the 2017 unity version and i am on a 2019 version now, Is it possible to get the SDK3 working again or is this avatar incompatible with the current unity and sdk version?

Delete the sdk3 files completly and i mean every single one then Re import them if that does not work then you have to re do the entire unity file


Just tried reinstalling the sdk and then tried creating a new project and starting again to no avail there must be something in the avatars files that doesnt agree with the newer sdk and unity version
Il provide a image of the errors