Models i deleted still here

I am looking to see if there is a way to get rid of the models that i no longer have on my account to be erased from it appearing under my vrc name on this site.

Send a valid copyright to CodeAngel on Discord

I dont think i have any copyright, i just wanted to scrub the bad avatars that i once let someone upload to my account gone from my history because now certain people i knew think im a ripper cause i used to have avatars that i wasnt supposed to but ive changed since then and want to clear my name since ive totally got rid of everything i wasnt supposed to have since then

If people think that then they are stupid you have nothin to do with ripperstore i already read what you said but there is nothin you can do other than saying it was your friend and in the past. if they dont move on or give you a second chance then just block them and forget them