Blacklist now!

How dare ya'll steal a private avatar that was given to me as a gift and make it public. Remove it and any avatar associated to KitsonFoxfire now.
I should not be required to goto your discord. Ya'll need to quit being lazy and do it at the request of the owners.

Umm guess what stfu if you wanna be lazy and not go through the simple process of dming someone on discord which is something you CLEARLY use

The eyes of the fox is helping


This post makes me wanna rip their avatars even more 🙂

Your least favorite femboy <3


@Kit-Fox bruh chill, the base is anyways a re-used base, it's not a brand-new one, stop complaining😐 and just try making the avatar yourself with the same/different base or do what @VexinTenoa said, message the creator about it.

When you realise no one really gives a shit of the idiots that post here cause there just being lazy peices of shit who found there models being ripped while looking for a model to rip themselves XD

The eyes of the fox is helping