i tried doing this through the discord server

hey i'm the maker of both harley 2.0 and luciana that has my username in the listed i want them removed from the ripper store and never to be allowed back on again if you still want me to go through the discord server i will try one more time but if i end up saying my personal avatars that i made on the website i will do more then this to have them take off the website right now i'm being nice about it since it was originally just my harley 2.0 avatar on the website so if you want me to join the discord server lto take care of this let me know.

Look dear i don't think you realise but no one actually gives a shit about if you want it or not to people who ripp the model they see it as peices of code what your doing right hear is preeching to the qouire about that if its on your account and is on store go to the staff in the discord and request it to be black listed if they don't then its probably because someone has already claimed the file as there and shown proof

The eyes of the fox is helping