File too large for VRCA converter?

It appears anything over 10mb wont work on the website, and ive heard the alternative is utinyripper however, any vrca i throw into it throws up errors.

Is there any alternative? Thanks!

Error message: Read 24 but expected 219

Stack trace: at uTinyRipper.BundleFileScheme.ReadMetadata(Stream stream, Int32 metadataSize)
at uTinyRipper.BundleFileScheme.ReadFileStreamMetadata(Stream stream, Int64 basePosition)
at uTinyRipper.BundleFileScheme.ReadScheme(Stream stream)
at uTinyRipper.GameCollection.ReadScheme(SmartStream stream, String filePath, String fileName)
at uTinyRipper.GameCollection.LoadScheme(String filePath, String fileName)
at uTinyRipper.GameStructure.ProcessPlatformStructure(GameStructureProcessor processor, PlatformGameStructure structure)
at uTinyRipper.GameStructure.Load(List1 pathes, LayoutInfo layinfo) at uTinyRipper.GameStructure.Load(IEnumerable1 pathes, LayoutInfo layinfo)
at uTinyRipperGUI.MainWindow.LoadFiles(Object data)