(fixed, thank uu) dumb question... im editing rindo model, how to change pupil shape?

is it possible to do without creating it in blender? i want a diamond shape and its on this model i have in unity but thats a vrca file. im unable to open and it on my rindo i believe. im just a complete noob lol

Do you mean the texture, or the actual mesh's shape? Texture can be done with any photo editing software and unity.

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@sarameesh i figured a way around it by doing the texure but the post was about mesh haha

Have you already checked the Blendshape of the face? It's easier than altering the textures, just look in the eyes section and there you will find what you can change from unity.

@Errorfate Easiest way is by checking the blendshapes like Mastema said

Yep, there might be a blendshape you can use in unity on the face mesh! If there isn't, it would be fairly easy to make the edits to the head model in blender. Maybe you could make your own blendshape if there isn't one already!

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