please this file

@fortiex dont interest unity package you have credits please take vrca from ripperstore i want this not unity pack i know me the reason for want this

It doesn't help that you didn't link the ripperstore listing.

Forgive me for sounding aggressive, but you really should take interest in using the .unitypackages as most of what you ask for are minor edits or straight up clean uploads of the models they are based on. This model clearly is a quick hue shift to pink on the hair and the apron. Learning to use unity and photoshop would be very useful if you want to make your own personal rendition of an avatar, rather than just copying someone else's via a VRCA. Don't take others' possession of credits for granted at this time, no one can gain any ever since the EAC update.

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@DumpingStuff but if you had said that there was another source where you can get the data without using credits give me the source and I won't bother you anymore,

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