what is anonfiles ?

It wants me to download a flash drive and it looks sketchy but I could be wrong. But why would you need flash player for a download?
sorry if my question is stupid but I just want to be safe

nevermind I figured it out , a bit slow

Never download from anonfiles, it is easy to infect your pc with malware in that site. Did you see that about flash player?
If you clicked it, you probably got infected with something, scan your system with a GOOD antivirus.

bruh, they're currently in a bad state so of course things like that will happen but not EVERY file on anon files is sketchy, idk where are you looking buddy but if you think that, use workupload, google drive, mega, etc.

Anonfiles is currently unstable and ad-infested, mainly due to their financial status and how they are offering free filehosting for literally anyone without any logging. That said, you must be very careful when downloading there as said by Snowy above.

I'm going to rehash what I said in the past when I was still actively distributing:

Use an adblock. And one that doesn't have the stupid "acceptable ads policy" that ABP has implemented. I personally recommend uBlock Origin.
When downloading, always check the file name and file extension. If it does not match what is said on Anonfiles, then you're likely downloading something bad and you must delete it immediately.
A correctly configured adblock will always allow downloads from Anonfiles right from clicking the download button.

The best alternative for Anonfiles that sharers can use is WorkUpload or maybe even Pixeldrain, both of which have virtually unlimited storage and decent speeds.

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