Looking for Sophina and Rushina


thank you very much one have and share this 2 avatar

(sorry for the inconvience, but the sophina model has been linked to a drive folder that didn't have the model)

Here's Rushina

Clothes for rushina
lachexia_Rushina_Dress Lumi(V1.2.6)_3414590.jpg

@Snowy Hi, I went to the Sophina post and on the link you provided as well there are only avatar images for me and no links to download the model. Could I please have a direct link to download her? Thank you very much.

@Snowy The Sophina link is actually just the Want/Have list by @ArimaruRIP

@nayen you can contact them about getting Sophina via their discord in this post: Here

I'll try to see if I can get the actual model because the person who linked it posted the wrong link

@Snowy Did you get?