Looking QuQu avatar

Here you go man

Here's U Download U Here

and the hair Download Mekakure Hair Here

ohh ty 😊

out of curiosity, don't you have this outfit? https://sonovr.booth.pm/items/2971318

Yeah bro, Here's Summer U

@hijaru ty bro

@Snowy do you maybe have more of outfits from that artist https://sonovr.booth.pm/items/3903921
i really want this but you cant buy, and ripped version has many issues aaaaaa

no, i don't have peke summer

@arse123 I have summer and the viking hair. will upload rn

@projektreni you fukennnnnnn madmannnnnnnnn aaaaaaaaaa

THANKS shit was impossible to buy since time limit, now i can finish making the character.

I sit on around 600 avatars if there is anything you need hit me up i might have it ? Same with scrips i bought a lot

@arse123 no problem at all! thanks for the offer