Looking for Saneko

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Does anyone have a version of Saneko that is compatible with PhysBone?


It doesnt even look like the creator has updated her yet so anyone giving the file directly from the seller, you would have to do the Physbones yourself anyway. I would use the built in Converter and then ajust the numbers yourself. cause the converter tends to be a bit extreme.


Here is a DL for her but Again, You will probably have to do the Physbones yourself.

Thanks for your reply.I already have the unitypackage in that post, it is a very old version, with low quality textures.

If you read the URL I posted with the photo, you will see that
レカさん(https ://Twitter.com/Rekareya)がデータ修正してくださいました!

This translates into English as

"2022/05/09 (Saneko_NX_V1.00)
Reka (https ://twitter.com/Rekareya) corrected the data!
 liltoon support
 It says "PhysicsBone support".

If you read Booth carefully, you will see that in the latest version, the author has included the appropriate PhysicsBone set by the fans. This is what I am looking for.

That was posted today... It says "2022/05/09(Saneko_NX_V1.00)" so when I replied No she did not have Physbones lol