LF: Nayu, Seria, GimoZard, Shizuku-san, Anon

Here is Shizuku https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_azTiXRdmKHQxf3L5SVnZ2VW1q2m87ME/view

+1 for wanting seria, im interested as well

This post is deleted!

Seeing as how @projektreni has already shared Shizuku and Seria (I had them ready for upload but I had internet issues throughout the day), I'll fill in the rest of the request.

Here's Nayu, GimoZard, and Anon.
Each name is the own link!

Each comes with their extras of .blend, .fbx and .psd files, (Anon does not come with the .blend file), and GimoZard has a .vrm file on top of all that, if that's what you wish to use.

Read my "about me" on my profile on what requests I respond to, and some sources for ripped avatars or gumroad avatar packages.

My upload list (as not been updated as of 28/08/22):

@DumpingStuff I see that projektreni alrady post Seria but link arent working can u give me one? ттwтт

Seems like the Seria link requires access, can someone reshare please?