Looking for tsumige w/ AABody

Here's Tsumige.
My source didn't include any of the extras, that is, if there were any.
Uses liltoon shaders, which is included.

Formerly "DumpingStuff". Read my About Me on my profile.

My upload list (as not been updated as of 28/08/22):

Alright, thank you man, much appreciated. Thank you.

@DumpingStuff Still happen to have this Avi file, it seems that the anon file upload is gone, I apologize for bothering you about it.


This post is deleted!

@Norakami Thank you so much, I appreciate it!


What avatar is this? when i downloaded it was only the clothes and i really love the avatar

@Booples theres no body...plz help lmao

bump in case someone has an updated version of it