looking for Mami

alt text

wo uld super appreciate if anyone has this

Can you believe someone actually bought it? The whole 250 180-ish dollars? (edit: turns out forex numbers have severely changed in these last two years)

Here's Mami.
It appears to be the latest update with all the cool little DLC trinkets, but I don't think they distribute any of the usual extras I share.
Requires DynapicPenetrationSystem, and PoiPro (just obtained the latest one). The body model might have a broken shader material, so change it to PoiPro 7.3.

I don't have the outfits listed on the Booth page because literally none of Hanaechu's stuff gets shared.

Also pinging @Snowy who was also looking for it.

Read my "about me" on my profile on what requests I respond to, and some sources for ripped avatars or gumroad avatar packages.

My upload list (as not been updated as of 28/08/22):

No way your sources had it bro, no way. I actually appreciate you for that. Well respected.

I'm flabbergasted that someone actually had 250$ to buy it


Never underestimate the power of sheer horny...

bro someone must have been at peak horny to spend that much on an avatar