LF: these selestia assests :3

https://booth.pm/en/items/4353396lf selestia.jpg
[selestia] Cutie rabbit hat set
https://shushu-sss.booth.pm/items/4539552 0-0.jpg
[selestia] hound check knit set
https://shushu-sss.booth.pm/items/4473798 valid.jpg

screams in mentally ill

https://workupload.com/file/m2dayxmkNmE this is the hair but it doesnt have any psd i think ;w;

also +1 for the second outfit, so cute

beep beep!

@zombiishiromo ahh thank uu ^-^

screams in mentally ill

  • need the outfits ahh

trade list coming soon ;3

i need the dress

bumpp : >

screams in mentally ill

+1 INLOVE with the outfits!!!

alt text

+1 2,3



screams in mentally ill

Gonna be honest, you've made great choices, and now i'm in love with 'em.

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