LF - Marine for Haruki


I ended up buying it https://tstorage.info/sa73imegge1i

@obooka Would you mind uploading on a more viable site like Google Drive, Mega, or Mediafire?

Fapu is best Wolf.

Cute, thank you!! tstorage works fine for me

@eiron until it makes you wait 3 days after downloading 10 items, haha

Fapu is best Wolf.

really, didn't know that. i suppose i never downloaded more than 3 or 4 at a time from there

@PrIsMaTiSm sure! good to know about that limit, I'll keep it in mind https://mega.nz/file/xsc10aQJ#HZ2lonMi0l-Ltggl61--DJKKa0bshu50DIFl81-gq2Q

@obooka you're the best ❤

Fapu is best Wolf.