Looking for [DARK KNIGHT] Foxy Kuro and [Blood moon] Foxy Kuro

I am Looking for [DARK KNIGHT] Foxy Kuro and [Blood moon] Foxy Kuro both models
If u have them please dm Nixev#8470 With the files or locations of the files i do not have points so please do not send me the private link's of versions i can't get them



Here it is.
It's only one package because both the Dark Knight and Blood Moon variants are updates to the base avatar, so they both are available here and are built into the avatar prefabs in the scene in this package via the expressions menu.
Gotta say, this is a really decked out model.


@DumpingStuff can you dm this to me please?

@DumpingStuff Anonfiles seems to be kinda dying (only on this file, very strange), any way you could upload this onto a different provider?

Your least favorite femboy <3

I'm normally opposed to using other upload sources, but this will be one-off situation.

PASSWORD (because why the fuck not): EAClmao

@DumpingStuff Very much appreciated ❤

Your least favorite femboy <3