LF: Niar -Virtual Edition

Please help me find this clothes https://yoyogi-mori.booth.pm/items/382637a677-542c-4751-8ffb-b2ac7492f4b3-image.png 01824

That's a steep-ass price right there for clothes, man.
That said, here.
This is only base version 1.0, I don't have the 1.01 version.

This post is deleted!

Saw the deleted reply, you might have found out how to do this, but for anyone looking to use this as well, there are instructions on the booth page.
This link to be specific: https://serious-scaffold-cc3.notion.site/YMDresser-a8d231207c3a469f855a65c5c8bd0b8d
Uses a package called YMDresser. There's quite a bit of hoop jumping with Gtranslate.

@DumpingStuff ty so much TT_TT