LF: Booth outfits for Maya

Looking for any outfit packages for Maya to test out, mainly looking for outfits by Extension Clothing before committing to purchase but any outfit would be great!




Thank you!

Kinda late on this, but this will mainly be for those who will be looking for these packages:
Bikini & Track
Moon Age - One
Summer Uniform

Always check the readmes on the booth pages and in the packages. For merging these with the base avatar, use Avatartools.

@DumpingStuff Thanks a bunch! If you have more clothing or hair for Maya, do hit me up. I'd love to share some of what I have with you too

I have a large selection to go by, actually. If it's for sale on booth, I might have it, but anything too recent might not be there yet.
(I do have one thing to ask, which is merging certain clothes with the base, can't get the chest area of the clothes to shape right with the base. It might be the base maya model not working, but idk I'm not well versed with unity and blender in general.)