Well, I know it's a lot to ask for, but recently this beautiful angel came out. Some hero without a cape who is capable of bringing this beauty, I wish her like any other, please!


@The-Fool oh my Seriously, you are a hero, a cape, I thank you very much and I hope you receive beautiful things for being so generous, seriously.
The world is waiting for more heroes like you!

link doesn't seem to be up anymore, anyone have this?

@rajixyuyu check the website in my signature.. it somewhere at the very bottom

𝓗𝓲𝓷𝓪 | VRChive

Anyone have the 1.03 version?


᛫❥ ιғ yoυ wanт тo тrade or need anyтнιng, нere'ѕ wнaт ι нave~!♡

+1 for 1.03 since it has quite a bit of fixes and the dress up capable version

@H-I-N-A Well, as they say, can you get the most recent version 1.03 please and update the link? please ❤

@Nyokisashi also dont have but but.. ill give +1 QwQ

𝓗𝓲𝓷𝓪 | VRChive

+1 latest version

What goes around comes around.
If anyone has some clothing for her I would appreciate some ♥

@Hereis thank you! The world is waiting for more heroes like you

@Hereis Excuse me, but recently again the creator of the Avatar released another updated version, would that latest version be important or optional?
the version is v1.10
yes, you have it well that would be great but I ask you why you should know more than me about it.

@Nyokisashi ◆2022/01/26 -v1.10- We have made major improvements. ・Set the scale to 1. 025 I made it bigger. ・Original skirt bone structure changed ・Original bone name changed from LoweArm to LoewrArm ・Elbow, knee shapes and weights modified ・Skin texture improved ・Hair mask adjusted ・Other minor adjustments

extremely important

bump for 1.10


@Nyokisashi Sadly I dont have it, just managed to get hold of the last version by luck. From the look of the updates its quite a bit of fixes. Would say its nice to have for future proofing and overall quality but not a must.

@Hereis damm I hope you manage to get it, I feel that maybe you have more opportunities to do it, if so, come back here to comment to get the latest version, it seems that it is very important, apparently due to another comment that I saw from another person in the post created by me, from Liloumois I wish you good luck and my blessings that you manage to get that version ❤