Trading with someone(Open To Anyone!)

Here's the List I have
If you're interested in trading, just DM Me.
(I'm a bored unity gamer)

can i hv the wolf plumping hat

epic bump

bumping cause I'm still looking for at least a decent trade

I dont have a list. What avatar are you looking?

@Mastema idk

Bumping cause I finally decided to also add furries for furry lovers

@Snowy Hello
, I heard you have furry models, I don't have much to offer, but can I see what you have so I can trade you some of mine

the list is at the top of the thread-

@Snowy Apologies, Haha I Sent you a dm. You have a few I'd like ^^;;

Deleted 😊

Bumping for those looking to trade(Even if I traded already, looking for more cause I'm still bored and I expanded my list slightly:>)

In my trading arc cause I'm bored