LF a name of this Avi or creator

12331132312t.JPG 31231212nt.JPG 989898u9u.JPG

Looking for this Avatar for a long time.
It disappeared the name on this one was "Alice" but I don't have more information. Maybe you know where this is from?
Many thanks.

Any advice would be delightful ❤

I wrote a nice reply with a bunch of links and the post got eaten 😥 I think she's a personal avatar!

You can try asking around in creator discords like this one!
I tried looking her up and I found a creator with similar assets here with the name Alice.

I hope you find her, or her assets! She's a cutie.

@sarameesh I appreciate your effords and links. Thank you very much.

I can give this search a whirl, but I'll need some extra details. These appear to be screenshots of a video on youtube. If possible, would you be able to link them here? Also, by disappear, do you mean that you were once able to access this avatar?

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I found the name for it.
Thank you @sarameesh
The real name is Tisha.