LF Extension Clothing Line for Rindo [FOUND ALL] ✔

Good day to you!

  1. https://extension.booth.pm/items/3983230

FOUND > Rindo Summer Uniform


  1. https://extension.booth.pm/items/4322120

FOUND > Shape Bucket Hat


  1. https://extension.booth.pm/items/4322121

FOUND > Extension Sneakers EX-1


  1. https://extension.booth.pm/items/4322117

FOUND > Shape Knit Cap


Just wanna drip up my girl Rindo. Thanks in advance!

Anything Rindo, I'll be there.

@Pada Thank you so much!! Appreciate it ^^

Anything Rindo, I'll be there.

+1 hat

@sugar310 Thank you!~ ❤

Anything Rindo, I'll be there.

+1 for Hat

@mashiro 082e88bb-4e26-4f55-a353-1e274e4e1744-image.png

Link still works as of this reply.

Anything Rindo, I'll be there.

@sugar310 thanks!

@INF3RN0 thank you!