LF Maya stuff (There's a lot... BUT all have pictures)

+1 for maya straight hair

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From a user called sarameesh!: First one: https://anonfiles.com/Kdq8F8Laye/MUU_S_UniformMaya_unitypackage
Simplified to use all liltoon but original uses this shader:
UnlitWF Shader for J_Red and S Materials!
(It's the succubus outfit) :3

@Goth Do you have the files with the avatar or just the clothes?

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@ShyLumine If you're asking for the avatar just search it up on the forum and you'll most likely find it, if you're asking about the shader for the sucubus outfit it's free and can be found online, the PSD/Blender files are not included with the sucubus outfit if that's what you're asking (Honestly your question is super vague to me so im just answering all the possibilities). Nor is the hair included it's just the outfit.

@Goth thanks you very much

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@Nefaris could you reupload the link? :')