LF Three dots and a Dash "special" meshes

Judge people how you may, for me it's for animation purposes. I think these are some of the things people have been asking but so far haven't been able to get a response if they have it.

Imeris and Eyo
Reeva and Leeme

There are free meshes available for Rindo and Kikyo, both require blender work

+1 I've been looking for these for a bit so I'd love them too please if you get them!


Just to give you guys a heads up regarding these. If you use the unity method, it has exposed seams during movement. Blendering it would have hell of a lot better results

dont know how to use blender properly for it to work better than unity.. yes i have tried

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I CAN use blender and im thinking about making kikiyo work for karin... if i can make it work i will share.

@Miss_Barrett If you make it work and it looks good, I could ask you for a commission for another model.