Anyone recognize the base model?

This post is deleted!

@Norakami this is not rusk, you can tell from the lash differences

@Snowy Yeah it is the one in the link I sent. I can see how it could be mistaken for Rusk though

Looks similar to an edited Wolferia ( She's wearing Rusk's hairpin and maybe this top:
Her bangs come from Koyuki:

Pretty sure the head is from Rinaly Coco like what was sent already! You can tell by the texture, but also that she has two eyelids like Rinaly. This is someone's custom frankenstein.

Okay I am pretty sure @nyakayo is correct, the facial expressions and general design lines up just right with the avatar as well as some of the toggles matching the default model.

Along with bang from Koyuki and Rusk's hoodie and accessory.

Awesome, thanks guys!

After investigating further and digging through models I have laying around I can now 100% tell what the model is.
The body belongs to Rusk, the face is Rinaly Coco and finally the entire hair is straight up just Koyuki