Looking for TubeRose's R18 body texture

Once again with the selestia post, just a woman who likes boobis, I got the R18 version of tube rose but to my surprise it didn't come with an actual nsfw texture for her body just ovaries and Dps (Not interested).

(Update if anyone can enable R18 in the psd for me and send me the R18 body texture png that would be great...)

At least, take some searching first. here

@Snowy Sorry.... Thanks though. Could you tell me what shader i need for things to work? Doesn't seem to be as easy as other models.

@Goth try Liltoon or UTS?


use liltoon for best results 😆

@Snowy Ill give it another go, doesn't auto apply so i was confused, ty man.

If liltoon doesn't work, try Sunao Shader
Sunao Shader Download

@Snowy Figured it out, it wanted liltoon master rather than liltoon 1.3.6 or whatever the latest was but thanks! ^^

@Goth How did you download the master? I tried using UPM but im quite confused

@Launchbay Honestly no idea i most likely yoinked it off of something else, ill send you the file in like.. 10 minutes or so so dw.

UPDATE: Here's Liltoon Master