Yuki 3.0 Avatar

This avatar https://jinnyvrc.gumroad.com/l/Yuki30 I love it so much and want it so badlyy~ !prev.jpg

@Tendayo ive seen this before, it doesn't let me upload it, keeps re attaching the blueprint ID, and i dont really know how to avatar so it has me stuck

I pretty sure I uploaded it once already -_-

@Tendayo How did you upload it? Cause in the first place it also spawns 2 of the avatar which ive never seen happen

@IllicitMommy I suggest learnin about avatar a bit or dms me on discord if ya stil stuck on it.

I love lolis avatar, don't blame me, they're cute!

DC: Ren-JiSan#9213

@Rên Heyya, I added ya on discord o/