Huge avatar Archive + Downloads (Added 7 new avatars)


Decided to make a list for all of the found avatars ive seen around or frequently asked for, excluding any avatars that are in the Rindo archive, so if an avatar you want isnt in here it may be there. Will update this thread every so often!

Avatar name + Booth link - File download

Imeris 1.04 - Download
Linla 1.01 - Download
Usasaki 1.42 - Download
Maya 1.02.1 - Download
Rindo - Download
Selestia 1.01 - Download
Eyo 1.07 - Download
Kikyo 1.03 - Download
Epona - Download
Leefa - Download
Kaya - Download
Sapphy - Download
Mophira - Download
Nayu - Download
Seria - Download
Gimozard - Download
Anon - Download
Lizz Sigma -Download
Modeus - Download
Cerys - Download
Lucifer - Download
Kokoa 1.03 - Download
Nyasuka - Download
Lyphos - Download
Tresha - Download
La Fleuro - Download
Conica - Download
Unini - Download
Scilla - Download
Stier - Download
Mia - Download
Mode irona - Download
Shika - Download
Uyoo - Download
Viera - Download
Tien - Download
Fonmy - Download
Sephira - Download
Chito - Download
Lia - Download
Mashu - Download
Julia - Download
Nyantauros - Download
Nekokamo Tabunsone - Download
Ohkami Lyuca - Download
Jean Bart - Download
Svartlilja - Download
Lady Moon - Download
Noiz - Download
Necomaid - Download

Harmir - Download
Leesh - Download
Merol - Download
Liloumois - Download
Kuro - Download
Kova - Download
Mona - Download


@shitpissass I'm proud of you for making an archive


Amazing >.<!!

I love lolis avatar, don't blame me, they're cute!

DC: Ren-JiSan#9213


Is Rindo Latest?




Updated, added 7 new avatars. If anyone has any that hasn't been added here feel free to send them to me.

@shitpissass would it be ok if you format the updates so we know what you added everytime you update it? sorry if thats too much to ask

@shitpissass The booth link for Tresha is wrong

@ihaveaids I Could try to do that from now on!

@daggon My bad just fixed it.

both lyphos links lead to booth

@shitpissass Leesh Download Link Mega Got Remove .?? file doesnt load or has it been deleted ?

@nugs @yuyuri check the link on my signature.. then go to the very bottom.. its somewhere there

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