looking for kanae by cherry neru

thank you everyone for your help on the last post!
are there any good avatar sources so i can stop bugging everybody? i only found one with old avatars. any help appreciated! thank you once again forum friends!

yo ho yo ho! a pirates life for me!

@mintsheep i've seen you alot with good posts! you are a saviour!

yo ho yo ho! a pirates life for me!

This post is deleted!

@mintsheep thanks!! excuseme, did you have the latest version of kanae model file? kanae's file has a lot of changes!!

Would like the latest version as well. She got a really comfy new outfit included!

@mintsheep Thank you soooooo much!!!

Oh, so the alternate costume is not included? The way it was written in the patch notes made it seem so

@mintsheep said in looking for kanae by cherry neru:

god blessss

God bless you. 🌹