Maya Clothes Archive

@Snowy winter fur dress is only picture please upload cloth

let me fix that real quick maybe was up at night doing this

thank you for all king @Snowy

what else do you own that you would like to share snowy please send me some pictures privately or tell me thank you @Snowy

@Norakami bet check dms soon I'll provide discord

@Snowy can i hab too xD

sure but I'll message when I actually feel awake which is tomorrow

@Snowy I would liiiike to have some of the sauces too, but first please take a good rest!

@Snowy can i enter to the discord too :c? btw good rest ^^


Think I could get that discord as well (〃 ̄ω ̄〃)ゞ

Notice: If the files lead to a "503 Bad Gateway", please don't think brainlessly and type "The files don't work". Yes, they do, give anonfiles time and try again later.

no and you're weird for that

I'm not adding that to a drive folder

hi, could i have the archive too?

@alkashik check notifications

@Snowy any chance i could get in on this too? ❤ ty ty ty

@Snowy can I be in on this as well? 😅

can i have the siromori hoodie? been looking for a while and i saw it in that drive folder you have