Looking for Imeris avatar「イメリス」(Found by Wueveil) ✔

Looking for this avatar and any clothes if there is any around there 🙂


not the 1.04?

thanks bro 😄

@Wueveil thousand thanks ❤

@Wueveil Super late but do you have the long hair add-on?

There's a link to it in my post, but since AF is down or something right now I'll redo it: https://workupload.com/file/adX6kDTTfwr

Does anyone have version 1.05? And if so, what are the main changes?

@Reg4shi https://forum.ripper.store/topic/3335/updated-imeris-1-05/2?_=1678057113355

Changes: February 15, 2023 IMERIS_ver1.05

  • Changed shader from UTS to lilToon, and also decided not to bundle shader in Unitypackage.

  • Modify the proportions of the face

  • vrc.looking_up, vrc. Added looking_down shape key (added animation key frame as well)

  • Modified Imeris_body texture and modified Unity's resolution to 4096

  • Unchecked IMERIS_gesture's Write Defaults