looking for tien, fonmy, sephira, chito and lia chan!

I am looking for these! Lmk if you have any of them ^^ worth a shot!

Tien https://booth.pm/en/items/2247518
Fonmy https://booth.pm/en/items/3754944
sephira https://booth.pm/en/items/2953001
Chito-chan https://booth.pm/en/items/4189354
Lia-chan https://booth.pm/en/items/3687430

or any cute avis in general :3 any help appreciated, thank you!


@cinnabun i have like half of them
my discord shirø#4886

@shiro tysm!! this helps alot! i wish i had something to give you other than my thanks


@shiro Thank you \ (•◡•) / , you're legend!

I love lolis avatar, don't blame me, they're cute!

DC: Ren-JiSan#9213