Looking for Extension 22AUTUMN

Looking for Extension 22AUTUMN 141face6-b598-4f6b-bf73-e7aa8e06758f-image.png


I'm really sorry that I can't help with the exact one(hopefully you get it) but here's some extras to Maya if you want them

Lumi Dress
lachexia_Maya_Dress Lumi(V1.2.4)_3414590.jpg
Download Dress Lumi Here

Maya Compatible Eye Texture
uchuujindesu_Maya_Maya EyeOfTheSkyTexture(V1.0)_3418787.jpg
Download Eye Texture Here

Blossom Night
foiv_Maya_Maya BlossomNight(V1.0)_3431002.jpg
Download Blossom Night Here

Machikad Clothing
snowlight0102_Maya_Maya Machikad(V1.0)_3425550.jpg
Download Machikad Clothing Here

Maya Eye and Nails Texture
nekoyii_Maya_Maya Eye&NailsTexture(V1.0)_3396077.jpg
Download Eye and Nails Texture Here

+1!! I didn't want to ask for too much but I think this outfit is so cute.


@Snowy Wow, thank you anyways!