Just trying to look for this

Hello! Im trying to find this models, just posting this in case anyone haves them:





Thank you in advance ^^

Quite the list.

Here's Lyphos, Shinonome, Tresha, and Peke.
Each name is their own link!

Since this is a handful of avatars, I'm not writing the included extras here.
You can see what is included in these packages in this spreadsheet that I am currently building.
It currently lists all of the avatars I've uploaded, their author, filename, what is included, their DL link, and their file size.

Read my "about me" on my profile on what requests I respond to, and some sources for ripped avatars or gumroad avatar packages.

My upload list (as not been updated as of 28/08/22):

@DumpingStuff Hey, thanks for actually taking the time to send me the links! I appreciate quite a lot for real, love you~!