Looking for Anjou and Kyto Unity

I am looking for the unity packages for 2 avatars I have seen and had on EMM. Anjou Female and Kyto Male

Here's the links (they're not mine)
Aijou (292MB): https://mega.nz/file/D5h1wYaK#9j044yqN2RwgoLQCVaJcriJ_5-cCQBOrpZzGAAbcVbc
Kyto (1.13GB): https://mega.nz/file/Q9JxHTrJ#un5hyIkFvmIC1caLqupR-S4qgBIbSI0gx8SUpPX7EBM

Note that these are the default versions that do not have the customizations made in your images.

According to where I got the Aijou model, it is apparently a broken avatar package. It works to an extent on my end, but it requires a specific version of the VRCSDK3 package which I do not know (the store page for this model is likely gone). Requires Dynamic Bones and Poiyomi Pro 7.3.
Haven't checked the Kyto package due to the sheer size, but assume the requirements above.

You can get the PoiPro 7.3-through-8.1 package from a link that I've posted in another thread.

@SpookyVersace 292MB, my bad lmao. Maybe I shouldn't be typing things at 2 in the morning.

@DumpingStuff Godsend thanks, I might hand off the Anjou to someone I know that might be able to fix it. If they can I will repost with it. Frankly this is the avi that a girl I met in VRC and then IRL uses. She got it off emm so I feared her losing it or if we moved to CVR we would lose it so you really helped out.

Side note I recently looked at buying the kyto and saw a package deal with a Sakura Avatar on gumroad. Don't suppose you know where to get that one also.

As a matter of fact, my source does also have this one. I decided to upload this one to anonfiles for the file to stay up redundantly.
There also appears to be issues with the model where some parts are bugged, such as the hair or arms. Unsure if this model has any newer updates since this is the base 1.0 version as far as I know.
(1.47gb) https://anonfiles.com/idSdV214y7/Sakura_by_Tou_unitypackage