dose anyone know how to fix this

when i export any model from blender it does this does anyone know how to fix this 2cc10e71-d30e-4293-b852-b6892de0d9fd-image.png


select the mesh of the bear costume in blender and go to mesh, go down to normals and click 'flip normals'

I think you should set the outline of the shader to 1/100 of the current one.

Had this same problem with unity chan shader in past when trying to reimport a model from blender to unity, had no idea why it did it so i would often switch shader to poi but that's just because i was lazy and didn't know how to fix it....

Booples is right ...
so Basicly .. texture its flip ... to Inside out ...
so .. thats happen ..
if u to lazzy to fix on blender .. try any doble side Shader... so inside or out side mesh its textured ..