LF Some to turn on the R18 for Maya's PSD body texture

Legit just need the png texture to give Maya boob texture, nothing else, don't be sending me the entire dlc with the ovaries and whatever, all i need is a png, simple.

@Kyu Thank you, super helpful as always. ❤

@Kyu can you reupload the link pls? >.<

@shayto cant rn cuz i deleted it and am sleeping in vr atm qwq

if u have the psd just open it and enable nsfw and save as png and put iit in the project folder >.<


@Kyu Did it but the "body all" and the "R18 parts" are in two different tones of skin TWT
You know any way to fix this?

@shayto not sure if its what your after but i sent you the png they are talking about in messages